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#WomanCrushWednesday Lesbian Super Edition

Here’s to the women who taught me that loving another woman isn’t a bad thing. My ultimate lesbian #WomanCrushWednesday list:

To Claudia Christian and Andrea Thompson, who as Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters taught me that loving another woman was possible. And for giving me an hour a week when my father treated me with something akin to respect.

To Simone Lahbib and Mandana Jones who showed me that true love is worth the risk, even when fighting against your instincts. As Helen Stewart and Nikki Wade you two not only helped me in my coming out journey but brought me and Mum closer on our weekly watches, curled up together on my bed whilst the boys watched something else downstairs.

To Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson who as Willow and Tara gave me the strength to come out of the closet and admit my sexuality to myself. Helping me to start coming out to others.

Here’s to Nancylee Myatt, Christina Cox and Liz Vassey whose leaked pilot of Nikki and Nora made me certain of my sexuality, and Christina’s film Better Than Chocolate that helped me begin coming to terms with my non-binary gender identity.

Here’s to the women of tello who make me proud to be a creative lesbian, and who give us real television for real queer women. To Christin Baker, the founder and CEO, to all who have contributed to the shows and the live tweets. To Bridget McManus, Shannan Leigh Reeve, Kate Black-Spence, Laura Zak, and countless others who have made me feel a part of a very wonderful online community.



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